Oct 07 2009

Guitar lessons for people who want to play again…

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For those who are not following Montseguitarsessions, we can say that  the TYGOTC series, or Take Your Guitar Out of the Case,  is a little course focused on those people that once, perhaps a lot of years ago, had played the guitar. Is that your case?. Then this can be a nice option to play again. After a hard work (that was new for us), we have finally finished a DVD that includes the complete First series, that is the ten chapters launched until now:

TYGOTC 1 Basics. Return to the guitar

TYGOTC 2 Practicing Left hand

TYGOTC 3 The Thumb

TYGOTC 4 An exercice with he Thumb and the Index

TYGOTC 5 Chords with two notes

TYGOTC 6 Practicing the arpeggio

TYGOTC 7 Playing resting and not resting

TYGOTC8 How to make the melody the Medium

TYGOTC9 Chords with three notes

TYGOTC 10 Improving your barre

This DVD is ready for NTSC or PAL systems, and will be the best companion on your trail. You can find it in our new brand MGS SHOP

Buy one and tell us about your experience!

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Jun 24 2009

“Charming places …to play”, a new series launched

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Do you think that there exist special places, buildings or landscapes that can tell you anything?. Me too. I belive in the existence of some kind of soul for some places. A soul that sometimes is if not visible, is at least perceptible.

To show these places, we’ve started a new series in our blog-system, called Charming Places… to play. A combination of guitar music and a charming environment.

Sure, I knows that these are absolutely personal and subjective feelings, but we can share them…

Come and visit, on the first delivery, the romanesque church of Santa María de Piedeloro, in Asturias (northern Spain), a little and remote jewel, lost among milenary meadows…

Lágrima at Piedeloro church from Montse ARDEVOL on Vimeo.

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Apr 07 2009

I get off the guitar things that I don’t know…

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During one of those crisis that every guitarist suffers, I decided that will be amazing to play flamenco guitar. In that time, I believed I could learn flamenco as I had learned the classical one and I found the perfect teacher, Mr. Serra. He was a true gipsy guitarist in his sixties., who speaks in a correct Catalan language, as few gipsy usually do today in Barcelona. He received me on gown dress, elegant in his way. He was really an artist, and a good teacher, but there was a problem: soon I realized that I don’t have “duende”.

But what “duende” is?. That’s a good question. It is something that in fact, only gypsy musicians possess. It is something magic that is not possible to teach nor learn. Gypsy learn music not in a school but at home or in the streets. So, they are not so much academics, and perhaps they take not a lot care on their nails. As flamenco guitars have the strings very low, strings repeatedly hits the mast. But they have “duende”, and they produced a wonderful, distinctive sound. Sometimes magic. Everybody can easilly perceive it only by listen them.

You can appreciate this “magic” in that video about great maestro Melchor de Marchena, one of the best flamenco guitarist of any time. Pay attention to a phrase in the interview…

– A qué tipo te cantaor prefiere usted acompañar? –Do you prefeer, to acompain, any kind of “cantaor”?

-Eh que todos cantan muy bien Eh, all of them sing very well.

-A mi me gusta mucho Manolo Caracol I like a lot Manolo Caracol.

-Cuando Manolo canta, saco cosas de la guitarra que no las sé When Manolo sings, I get off from the guitar things that I don’t know.

– También hay otro cantaor que me gusta mucho, que es Mairena, que canta muy bien.There is another cantaor wich I like a lot, Mairena, who sings also very well

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Feb 10 2009

A winter pilgrimage to a summer house

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All of us (are we religious or not) need a pilgrimage. Go to those places and that inspired events and works that are beyond our knowledge, convinced that they are hiding some kind of secrets. So, we visit the homes of painters and writers, as we do with shrines. What must be truth in that? Those places really have anything special, or were artist that created the unusual by themselves ?
I do not know, but I also pilgrim. Today, to the summer hut of the Norwegian painter Edward Monch. A year ago I “discovered” the work of this man which liked to paint sick and dying, but also white girls surrounded by peaceful landscapes, as this famous “girls on the pier”

Girls in the pier

Today, with several degrees minus zero, the famous pier was snowy,  sea was icy, and the pier empty. As you can see , the house is still there, as is was, but the pier is no more woooden.


In the small summer house that Munch once occupied, all was silence. The snow gave it a peace that perhaps, his owner never enjoyed when alive.


You can read a post onsimilars questions, but this time about the Alhambra, by our friend Mark Antony

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